Three Things Seniors Should Be Thinking About Now

The dog days of summer are here and you’re still a month out from FINALLY being the top the K-12 food chain. Yep, senior year is almost here.

Introducing RaiseMe’s College Readiness Workshops: A Virtual Series for Students and Parents

Interact directly with colleges in our new series designed to help you feel supported in your college search journey this fall, despite the circumstances.

College Application Diaries: Shalini’s Entry on Paying for College

Shalini shares the lessons she’s learned in figuring out how to pay for college, and tells the intentional approach she adopted to make college attainable.

How To Understand Your PSAT Score

PSAT scores are in, and students are left wondering what their score signifies. Did I do well? How does my score compare to others? What do all these difference numbers and categories on my performance report mean...

Creative Ways to Save for College with Morgan, University of Tampa ‘23

For the next installment of our Creative Ways to Save for College Series, we head to Texas and Tampa with RaiseMe Ambassador, Morgan Maxwell. Morgan’s journey from high school in Houston to college in Tampa reveals just...

Compare your Out-of-Pocket College Costs with RaiseMe

RaiseMe's Interactive Financial Aid Award Letter tool can help you determine your total out-of-pocket cost for college attendance.

Understanding College Financial Aid: The Complete Guide

Whether you’re in the initial stages of discovering colleges as a high school freshman or sophomore, forming your list of colleges to apply for as a high school junior, or getting ready to head to college in the fall as...

Financial Aid 101: Webinar Recap

Most students who have begun to research colleges or work on college applications have some sense of what financial aid is, and how receiving financial aid can remove some of the financial burden of paying for degree...

College Application Diaries: Jessica’s Entry on Paying for College

A student shares the story of her and her family’s approach to paying for college. We hope her experience will help you on your own journey.

What are Micro-Scholarships?

Learn about micro-scholarships and how they can help you earn money for college.

Your FAFSA Checklist

The FAFSA enables students to qualify for financial aid for college. This article shows what documents you'll need to gather to fill out the form.

Creative Ways to Save for College with Leanna, Wesleyan University ’24

As we grow up and dream about college, we think of independence, self-discovery, meeting new people and learning new things. We hear the stories from older friends or our family, and see college life in the movies and...

5 Things You Need to Know About FAFSA

On October 1st, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) officially opened for the 2020-2021 school year. If you’re like the millions of other students who plan on applying for aid to help pay for college...

Student Insights: JaMyrah Fredrick, Missouri Valley College ’21

5 Simple Steps to an Easy College Search by Jamyrah Fredrick JaMyrah Fredrick is a freshman at Missouri Valley College, where she is majoring in Secondary English Education with a minor in Journalism. She graduated from...

Virtual Info Session: Financial Aid 101 with RaiseMe Partner Colleges

Get smart about financial aid and paying for college in an info session with RaiseMe, Carnegie Mellon, and others.

How to Appeal a Financial Aid Award

Your first financial aid award letter doesn't have to mean it's final. Here's your guide for seeking more financial aid when the first offer does not meet your needs.

How to Understand FAFSA with RaiseMe

From key dates and common vocabulary, to understanding college requirements, this guide explores the foundation to understanding the FAFSA with RaiseMe.

Creative Ways to Save for College, with Minkee of Mount San Antonio College

Minkee became the first in his family to earn his GE and attend college. Learn how he saved for, and got it into, college.

Back to the Basics: Budgeting Edition

At RaiseMe, we are committed to helping students realize their goals in college and beyond. Money — where we get it, what we think about it, and how we manage it — is one of the foundational pillars to get you there...

Understanding Your Award Letter & Micro-Scholarships

We break down the college financial aid award letter, where RaiseMe micro-scholarships fit in, and what exactly it means for you and your family when it comes to paying for college.

7 Ways To Reduce Your Personal Costs When Paying For College

As the school year winds down and a new crop of incoming seniors head towards the flurry of fall college admissions deadlines and research, many are undoubtedly wondering, “How can I afford college?” It’s a big...

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