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Back-To-School Flashback: RaiseMe Celebrates BTS!

Every year, the RaiseMe team celebrates students and educators going back to school by sharing old school photos and favorite memories from the elementary through high school years!

This year we also hosted a “School Dress Competition” where the team found an old school photo, tried to dress for work as closely to their photo as possible, and then posted a then & now photo comparison! We voted in Slack and the winner received a Donors Choose gift card to use towards a classroom project of their choice! 

Check out a few photos and back to school memories and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the winning photo comparison!

Megan's photo comparison

My favorite thing about the first day of school was buying all new school supplies and organizing all of it in my desk, and color coding all of my notebooks, folders, and binders. I loved organizing my planner, meeting my teachers, and finding out where I would sit with all of my friends in each class! I also did all my summer reading before day 1. (I was kind of an overachiever and nerd, I know.) I most remember my first day of second grade, because that was the year I moved from Texas to Tennessee and became an Oak View Owl. It was scary meeting new friends, but I ended up meeting some girls who I would know throughout high school that day!”

– Megan Wanee Mullins

Katie B's school photo

I remember always being excited for school to start. The county fair was the highlight of the summer and finished with a livestock auction. Selling my pigs provided me with money to buy new school clothes each year and put a small amount away to buy livestock again the following year.”

– Katie Bainbridge

I remember the first day of 4th grade. I wore my brand new, bright orange Roxy t-shirt, LimitedToo shorts and my new rolling backpack! I hadn’t figured out my curls yet so I brushed them out and did a big poofy ponytail. I was super nervous about starting at a new school, but thankful that both of my brothers were starting at the school on the same day. I felt so relieved that they could be my backup plan for recess in case I needed friends to play with. It ended up being absolutely fine and I LOVED 4th grade! (Go Manchester!! Gators forever!) 

– Mariah Gonzales

Lauren's photo comparison

I call this first grade chic.”

– Lauren Hoehn

Preston's photo comparison

First day of school in uniform!”

– Preston Silverman

eric's school photo

First day of 2nd grade with Ms. Pospisal. Should I bring back the glasses?”

– Eric Lee

sam's school photo

I am not sure which year of elementary school this was, but it honestly could be any because I wore a bow on top of my head for about 8-10 consecutive years. I loved school so I was always pumped to head back! Go Westridge Wildcats!”

– Sam Schulte

rajesh's photo comparison

1st day of 10th grade in India”

– Rajesh Agarwal

arisbeth's school photo

This is 1st grade maybe? Why’d they always have us stare off into the distance? I met my very best friend to this day that year though!”

– Arisbeth Manzo

amanda's photo comparison

First Day of Kindergarten at The Little Red School House”

– Amanda Collins

And the winner of our School Dress Competition… Britt Bingham

britt's photo comparison

Good luck to all of the students who just headed back to school, we’re rooting for you!

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