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Dark Mode version of the RaiseMe iOS app

Check out another insight from the people building the tool helping students realize their college ambitions.

In our second post for Building RaiseMe, we learn from Jason Branch, a Senior Product Designer at RaiseMe, who walks through the best principles for creating the dark mode version of your iOS app. By now you’ve seen a dark mode feature on your favorite app whether it be Twitter or YouTube. Referencing Apple’s User Interface guidelines and Google’s material design system Jason shows off the steps taken to create RaiseMe’s new look and feel.

On the left, Jason shows a window in light mode, in the middle, dark mode done poorly, and on the right, dark mode done correctly.
iOS designs in both light and dark mode.
Building RaiseMe‘ is the RaiseMe Design & Engineering blog! We’re starting to tell the stories behind the decisions that go into making the RaiseMe product, features, and community. Here we’ll discuss technologies we use, challenges we face, the research we’re doing and how our ideas go from sketch to implementation. 

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First and foremost, Mariah really loves snacks. She also loves people. She is a Teach for America alum turned ed-tech People Operations Manager with a side hustle co-leading RaiseMe’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy & programming.

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