RaiseMe Community College Partnerships: Supporting Completion and Transfer

Nationally, while 80% of community college students aspire to transfer only about 20% of students are successful. Additionally, associate’s degree completion rates are the lowest of any credential in the country (Complete College American, 2020). RaiseMe seeks to boost retention and completion rates, and encourages transfer, by incentivizing good habits with micro-scholarships.

What is a RaiseMe community college partnership?

RaiseMe builds relationships with community colleges so we can better understand the best ways to support your students, and your strategic priorities. Our free partnerships are good faith, collaborative agreements, designed to maximize student success. In our partnership model we take the lead to ensure sharing RaiseMe with your students is a low lift as possible:


  • Provides data on your student engagement, including earnings and which schools students are most interested in
  • Develops marketing collateral & resources
  • Offers trainings and presentations to students & staff
  • Shares best practices from our community college network
  • Works with you to develop a RaiseMe implementation plan
  • Alerts you to new four year college partners in your region
  • Offers consultation to how RaiseMe may align with your retention, completion, and transfer goals
  • May invite you to engage in press, conference presentations, and other opportunities to share your success.
  • Solicits your feedback to improve our offerings to students!
  • Checks in every 4-6 weeks

Community Colleges:

  • Introduce RaiseMe to students via channels that support their existing initiatives
  • Use the Educator Portal to invite students, access resources, and monitor their students
  • Implement the RaiseMe best practices that are the best fit
What are community college educators saying about RaiseMe?

We have community college partners all over the country, ranging from large urban systems with multiple colleges, to smaller rural colleges, we are a great fit for a diverse student population. Here is what our partners are saying:

“What I found was that students specifically listed RaiseMe as the most useful resource/piece of information discussed during this [Transfer] workshop. For context, half of them listed RaiseMe.”-Brian Bacon, Transfer Coordinator, Oakton Community College

“When students finish their time at Westmoreland they are leaving with a strong academic and co-curricular transcript. Our students are eager to continue on their career pathway and ready to succeed!”-Maria Loffredo, Westmoreland County Community College

“We are excited to have a partnership with a platform that offers our students financial opportunities and effective transfer resources. It is never too early to start researching the transition for a university degree and we encourage all students to use these resources for a successful transfer. As a department and institution, we are definitely supporting students and AWC’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of doubling baccalaureate attainment in our community by 2035″.- Angela Amezaga, Arizona Western College

“[At Maricopa], we want to see these students’ success — we want to create affordable pathways, we want to create access, and we want to level out the playing field. I see RaiseMe as adding a solution to trying to level out that field.”- Rose Rojas, Maricopa Community Colleges

Want to learn more about our free partnership programs? Join us for our upcoming webinar on March 18th, at 10:00am PT/ 1:00pm ET, by signing up here, or reach us directly at

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