Build Your Caseload in RaiseMe to Support the Students You Serve

Introducing caseloads: a new way to build a customized student list in your RaiseMe Educator Portal so you can better support the students you serve in their path to college.

RaiseMe’s Educator Portal exists to help counselors, teachers, advisors, and mentors better engage, guide, and motivate students throughout high school and community college, as well as during their college application process. We know that as educators your time in the day is limited, so we want to create tools and features that can help better organize your workload and make your days (and your lives) much easier!

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce an all-new feature to improve the way educators can engage with and support students in earning college micro-scholarships, discovering new best-fit colleges, and becoming college-ready: educator caseloads.

RaiseMe Educator Portal Start working inside your caseload by visiting the “Students” tab from within the RaiseMe Educator Portal

With our new caseloads feature, educators can choose from the list of students using RaiseMe at their institution to build a customized student list within their RaiseMe Educator Portal. Educators can tailor their lists based on specific advising caseload, class roster, student program, or student organization. From their “my students” list, educators can monitor students’ progress towards earning micro–scholarships and other academic information.

RaiseMe Educator Portal Select your students from the “All Students” tab to add to your caseload.

To select students to add to your caseload in RaiseMe: Begin selecting students in your advising caseload, class roster, honors program, student organization, or any type of grouping that would be helpful to you by visiting the “All Students” tab in the “Students” section of your Educator Portal. You can then filter or sort students by name or graduation year, then select specific students by checking the box next to their name. Once you check off your students, select “add my students” on the right hand side.

(Pro-tip: You can also bulk-select all the students on a page to add to your caseload by checking off the box on the top left of the “All Students” section of your screen.)

Your students will appear under your “My Students” tab. From the “My Students” tab, you can track students’ progress towards college readiness by monitoring insights such as their GPA, course credits added to RaiseMe, total micro-scholarships earned, and the last time they logged into their RaiseMe account.

RaiseMe Educator Portal Click into an individual student’s RaiseMe portfolio from the “My Students” list inside the Educator Portal.

To use the caseload feature: Monitor insights about students in your caseload, such as GPA, course credits added to RaiseMe, total micro-scholarships earned, and the last time they logged into their RaiseMe accounts. Want to search for a specific student in your caseload? Click on a student’s name within your “My Students” list to view their RaiseMe portfolio and access details such as their latest micro-scholarship achievements, college followed, and more.

To remove specific students from your caseload: No longer working with a student on your “My Students” list? Locate them from your view by using the search bar to filter your students by name or graduation year. To delete the student from your caseload in RaiseMe, hover over the student’s name, then click on the trash can icon on the right-hand side to remove them from your list.

RaiseMe Educator Portal Remove students from your caseload from within the “My Students” section of your student list.

Ready to start building your customized caseload in RaiseMe? Log into your RaiseMe educator account. Don’t have an educator account yet? Request one for free at:

Have questions or feedback about our new caseload tool? We’re always looking to improve our tools for educators and students. Let us know by emailing our team at

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