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Understanding Micro-scholarship Earning Deadlines

An earning deadline is the day that your RaiseMe micro-scholarships earnings are locked and the colleges you follow get sent the relevant information.

Throughout school, you’ve worked hard and been encouraged to keep pushing as your micro-scholarship earnings accrued. Now that it’s time to apply or transfer to college, it’s time for those earnings to be put into action on earning deadline days. 

An earning deadline is the day that your micro-scholarships earnings are locked and the colleges you follow get sent the relevant information. As a senior or community college student intending to transfer, you must follow a college and meet all other eligibility requirements by that date. That’s why it is so crucial for you to keep track of the earning deadlines for the colleges you are planning to apply, in addition to all other college application deadlines.

How to find the earning deadlines in your RaiseMe portfolio

You can find the earning deadlines in several places within your RaiseMe account.

On your Portfolio page

30 days before the deadline, you’ll see a red flag on all colleges you’re following that have an upcoming earning deadline.

On college profile pages

During your senior year, you’ll find the earning deadline under the Requirements tab.

On the College Discovery page

When you search for colleges, you can see the deadline right away. 

What happens if an earning deadline has passed?

Colleges set their own deadlines, which means that once a deadline has passed, RaiseMe cannot submit any additional information about achievements to the college. For example, if a college you’re following has an earning deadline of 12/1, any courses or achievements added after this date will not count towards earnings.  

Once again, that is what makes it so important to keep track of all your deadlines! 

You should also note that the earnings deadline and application deadlines often vary by college. For more information, you can check out this article about application deadlines.

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