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Teachers: We appreciate you!

Teachers: We appreciate you!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! In honor of this week honoring teachers’ contributions to student development, we wanted to share some of our favorite video clips from RaiseMe educators on what drives them to do their very best at their jobs everyday.

We hope you enjoy your week, and take some time to celebrate yourself!

Jessica Adams of Animas High School in Durango, Colorado on why her work as an educator is meaningful to her:


Lawrence Wolff of Glen Rock High school in New Jersey, on what makes his work as an high school counselor count:


Anna Maria Vaccaro of St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco, CA on how she helps students who raise their hand find their path to college: 


Kenneth Bordelon of YES Prep in San Antonio, TX shares insights behind his commitment to supporting students of all backgrounds:


DeWhitney UpChurch of UNC Chapel Hill shares how she stays committed to her students: 

Thea started her career at RaiseMe on the educator partnerships team and currently leads customer research and engagement. Prior, Thea taught reading in New Orleans and Boston public schools. For fun, Thea loves to get outdoors and spend time with her rescue pup Ro.

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