New Student Orientation: Tips for Community College Educators

Summer deserves a speeding ticket!

We can’t believe how quickly these past few months have gone by. We’re sure you’re busy right now making arrangements for the back to school season, stocking up on school supplies, participating in professional development days, and enjoying the final moments of rest before the start of the school year.

While you get back into the swing of things, we’re sharing the following tips to lighten the lift of new student orientation, and to offer some resources that can save you time. We’ve also included links to some helpful materials to make it as easy as possible to introduce RaiseMe to your incredible new students!

How does RaiseMe align with the goals, objectives, and benefits of new student orientation?

At new student orientation, your team is likely going to tackle topics like selecting the right courses, tips for staying on track, and the importance of getting involved on campus. RaiseMe can help reinforce your message by:

  • Equipping faculty with a tool that motivates students to do well from the start, so they can earn good grades and persist
  • Incentivizing joining student organizations and community service, from their first day on campus
  • Providing curriculum and presentations that help students understand transfer planning and how to research schools
  • Emphasizing that success is a series of small steps over time, not a large leap at the end of their program
Introducing RaiseMe at your new student orientation!

We want to make rolling out RaiseMe to your new students as easy and low-lift as possible. If you’re spending a portion of time during new student orientation focusing on topics related to transfer, financial aid, or how students can get involved on campus, use these resources to help complement your programming!

As always, if you ever want to learn more about how RaiseMe works with community colleges across the country to provide free coaching and transfer support, reach out to

Want to start inviting students or sharing RaiseMe with colleagues?

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