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NACAC 2019 Resources for Getting Started with RaiseMe

Your NACAC Resource Toolkit

Whether we had the opportunity to chat with you at NACAC 2019 in Louisville or you’re one of our esteemed educators, we’ve pulled together some helpful resources for high school, community college, and university educators alike to get the most out of RaiseMe. You’ll find below all of the materials we had at our booth, as well as a few extras! 

Ready to get started? High school and community college professionals, sign up as an educator or log in now. University professionals, contact us here.

What’s inside?

High School and Community College Educator Resources

Getting Started

RaiseMe HS Flier
Student Testimonials
RaiseMe Overview for Educators
5 Steps to Get Started

Diving Deeper

Printable Resume Overview
RaiseMe for Community College Students

RaiseMe Micro-Scholarship Deadlines

High school and community college educators, sign up as an educator or log in now

College and University Resources

RaiseMe Overview for Universities
RaiseMe for CC Transfers
College Partner Guide to RaiseMe

Contact us for more information about RaiseMe for Universities.

RaiseMe Guides

HS Educators: Curriculum Book
RaiseMe White Paper

Upcoming Events and Webinars

  • 10/22, 9:00am PT – Audience: HS Teachers, Counselors and Admin –RaiseMe: Raising the Bar Webinar for High School EducatorsSign up here
  • 10/22, 11:00am PT – Audience: University Partner – Leveraging RaiseMe Data for Personalizing Student Communications and Predicting Enrollment TrendsSign up here
  • 11/5, 11:00am PT – Audience: Current and Prospective Univ. Partners – A Conversation with College Partner Leaders Accelerating Early Student EngagementSign up here
  • 11/12, 11:00am PT – Audience: University Partners – Leveraging RaiseMe Data for Personalizing Student Communications and Predicting EnrollmentSign up here

You’ll find this and so much more on our educator resource center after signing up. Ready to go?

Thea started her career at RaiseMe on the educator partnerships team and currently leads customer research and engagement. Prior, Thea taught reading in New Orleans and Boston public schools. For fun, Thea loves to get outdoors and spend time with her rescue pup Ro.

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