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RaiseMe & Our College Partners Reimagining Enrollment

RaiseMe empowers higher education institutions to play a meaningful role in students’ college readiness, earlier
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RaiseMe’s mission is to empower all students to discover and realize their college ambitions. With RaiseMe, colleges build relationships with students throughout their time in high school and community college, defining a tangible path for them to become stronger applicants and to thrive in their path to and through college.

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RaiseMe has served students in 3 out of every 4 high schools in the US, and counting.

Bringing students, educators & colleges together

RaiseMe is bringing the key players together to pave the path to student success. To date, over 1.8 million high school students have earned over $4 billion in micro-scholarships from over 300 higher education partners, and counting. These students are supported by the nearly 40,000 educators using RaiseMe, and our growing parent network.

Our innovative college partners

RaiseMe partners with over 300 colleges and universities committed to making the path to college more tangible and achievable for students throughout the country. Our college partners span a diverse range of institutions - ranging from national flagships, private liberal arts colleges, regional public institutions, to HBCUs, women's colleges, faith-based colleges, highly selective institutions, and more. Join our innovative partners >>

RaiseMe enrollment and student success solutions

High School Students

seeking to attend a 4-year institution. Engage students on a college readiness path beginning as early as 9th grade with incentive-based micro-scholarships.

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Community College Students

seeking to transfer to a 4-year institution. Set students up for successful Associate’s Degree completion and seamless transfer from community college to your institution.

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RaiseMe’s unique benefits for colleges


Meeting students where they are. Connect with opted-in students based on colleges’ unique goals


Building personalized relationships based on students’ unique achievements and interests, beyond academic performance


Earlier transparency and engagement with students, creating relationships and conversations while minimizing sticker shock as they are first considering the option of college


Connecting with motivated, informed students that are more college ready leads to higher application to enrollment rates*

Why micro-scholarships?

Micro-scholarships on RaiseMe provide students with instant positive reinforcement for academic and extracurricular achievements. On RaiseMe, students are rewarded by our partner institutions for the things they are the most proud of in high school, instantly.

College partners are able to design programs that serve as “roadmaps to success” for students, made up of achievements and activities that make students a strong fit for their institution. These scholarship programs are tailored to fit into colleges’ existing scholarship strategy.