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Maximize the impact of institutional scholarships and aid through earlier engagement

RaiseMe college partners contribute to prospective students’ development by using micro-scholarships to incentivize achievements and behaviors that will strengthen their college readiness and improve their candidacy, whether in high school or community college.

Micro-scholarship programs enable colleges to engage more meaningfully with prospective students, reward actions that are uniquely valuable to their institution, and have a complete picture of each students’ strengths, interests, and college readiness path.

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Drive powerful student outcomes

Using an innovative and research-based approach, RaiseMe has driven positive student outcomes for high school, community college, and four-year college institutions.

Data shows that micro-scholarships increase student confidence and motivate them to be more academically prepared:


of students stated that micro-scholarships

motivated them to excel academically in high school.

of students stated that RaiseMe has

increased their confidence to thrive in college.

Micro-scholarships close the feedback loop earlier and more regularly with students. This contributes to students’ continued motivation and increased likelihood to yield to RaiseMe’s higher education partners. RaiseMe partner institutions have reported increased conversions amongst RaiseMe students.


higher admit rates to partner institutions

amongst RaiseMe students

higher yield rates to partner institutions

by RaiseMe students

RaiseMe students who earn micro-scholarships before matriculation have already demonstrated meaningful improvements in student success.


average increase in the first to second year retention

amongst RaiseMe students who are attending RaiseMe college partners.
“Our first cohort of RaiseMe students had a slightly higher GPA than the average first year students and a nearly 95% first year retention rate.”
Jacqueline Edmondson, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education, Pennsylvania State University

In fewer than five years, RaiseMe invented micro-scholarships and developed a platform that has helped over 1.8 million high school students earn over $4 billion in micro-scholarships from over 300 higher education partners. Since launching a high school student platform, RaiseMe has expanded its portfolio to also reach community college and international students, with supporting experiences for educators and parents.

RaiseMe was also named to Fast Company’s annual list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019.

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RaiseMe’s unmatched expertise in the intersection of pedagogy and behavioral science informs the platform’s student experience. Our scientific approach to student motivation and outcomes using micro-scholarships is based on decades of research on nudge theory, yet constantly evolving -- informed by continuous testing, measurement, and optimization of programs to maximize student impact.

With a detailed understanding of each student's individual skills and abilities, RaiseMe's micro-scholarship platform enables colleges to deliver micro-interventions that keep students on-track towards college readiness and boost their admissibility to their institution.

Using cutting edge machine learning technology, our proprietary recommendation engine aggregates behavioral insights to offer students exposure to institutions where they are most likely to succeed.

View these findings, the methodology, and more in our comprehensive white paper study.

Custom micro-scholarship programs for every institution

RaiseMe micro-scholarship programs are designed to make your school’s institutional scholarship dollars work harder for you. Programs are built within your existing institutional scholarship and aid framework to meet your institution’s enrollment goals -- whether that’s to enhance access and diversity; strengthen your college’s academic profile; expand your geographic reach; or better prepare students to be on track for admission.

Maximizing motivation with financial aid

While billions of dollars in financial aid and scholarships awarded every year to prospective students, this money typically reaches students after they apply and have been accepted -- too late in their college journey to impact their admissibility and developmental trajectory, application decisions, or cost considerations. Often, students apply to college without an understanding of the true cost of college. Worse yet, students might assume that higher education is financially out-of-reach and not strive for college. Help us change this trend. >>

RaiseMe aims to ensure that no student is excluded from the dream of higher education, whether because sticker price discourages them from seeing college as a viable path or because the current college admissions structure fails to recognize and support the individual strengths and skills of students during their formative years.