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“The Meg” of Back-To-School Kits For College Readiness Success

Help your high school students get off on the right foot in their college prep journeys with new RaiseMe lesson plans as we approach another back-to-school season.



What could possibly go wrong? (Image credit: GIPHY)


Back-to-school is our favorite time of year at RaiseMe. As freshmen begin to pile into campus for the first time, and returning students trickle their way back into classrooms and counseling offices, there’s a new energy and spirit on campuses that is hard to describe in any way other than *magical*.


We know that keeping college readiness top of mind for your students is extremely important to set them up for success for the remainder of the school year. That’s why we’ve put together some back-to-school resources that might be helpful for you to use as you’re gearing up your students to get back into the swing of things. You can learn more about these resources and download them for your students below by clicking on the links below.


1.5 steps to get started on RaiseMe

5 Steps For Students Get Started With RaiseMe

A short, easy-to-share handout that describes in five easy steps how students can use RaiseMe to begin engaging with colleges.

2.Upcoming College Micro-scholarship Deadlines On RaiseMe

Upcoming micro-scholarship earnings deadlines on RaiseMe

A comprehensive list of colleges offering micro-scholarships on RaiseMe, their upcoming micro-scholarship deadlines (the date by which seniors need at least 15 courses listed in their RaiseMe portfolios), and the college’s final deadline to apply. *Note: several colleges have programs limited to students fulfilling specific eligibility requirements, which are marked in the handout.


3.Educator PD deck

A training deck to share RaiseMe micro-scholarships with your colleagues

A slide deck to introduce RaiseMe to fellow educators at your high school. Invite your colleagues to join so that your whole team can support students’ college-going journeys on RaiseMe.


4.General video tutorial for RaiseMe


A brief introductory video and tutorial on how you can get your students started on earning micro-scholarships through RaiseMe.


Want more resources like these? Let us know what type of college readiness content you want to see next by emailing us: hello@raise.me.


Thea started her career at RaiseMe on the educator partnerships team and currently leads customer research and engagement. Prior, Thea taught reading in New Orleans and Boston public schools. For fun, Thea loves to get outdoors and spend time with her rescue pup Ro.

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