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August College And Career Readiness Curriculum (Back-To-School Edition!)

Curated, customized back-to-school college readiness curriculum for every grade level from RaiseMe.

You asked, and we listened!

Happy back-to-school from all of us at RaiseMe! After a long summer and after listening to feedback from many of RaiseMe’s district partners, we’ve created a brand new, differentiated college and career readiness curriculum to leverage once a month with students at every grade level. Whether you’re a college advisor on campus, a homeroom or advisory teacher, a core-subject teacher, or a mentor, we hope that these resources help you empower your students to start off the year strong


Click the links below to access the lesson plan resource for each grade level. 


1. 9th Grade: Goal Setting – Freshman Year Your Way

RaiseMe 9th grade lesson plan

  • Objective: Students will set goals that act as anchors aligned to their 4 year plan and post-secondary aspirations. Students can use these goals as benchmarks to measure progress and build confidence.

    2. 10th Grade: Career Planning + Plan Activities to Earn Micro-Scholarships

    RaiseMe 10th grade lesson plan

    • Objective: Students will discover colleges that align with their career interests. Students will reference a college micro-scholarship program to proactively plan their extracurricular and academic endeavors.

      3. 11th Grade: College-Ready Checklist

      RaiseMe 11th grade lesson plan

      • Objective: Students will prioritize two to three actions each month to stay on-track for college. Students will internalize key dates and deadlines and plan their studies accordingly.

        4. 12th Grade: Earning Deadlines and Credit Requirements

        Upcoming micro-scholarship earnings deadlines on RaiseMe

        • Objective: Students will take note of the earning deadlines of RaiseMe college partners where they intend to apply. At a minimum, the student needs to have inputted 15 course credits for their RaiseMe portfolio to be submitted to the college.

Interested in other back-to-school college readiness curriculum? Check out our viewing Back-To-School Kit for College Readiness Success. Have other ideas for lesson plans and college readiness curriculum you’d like to see? Give us a shout at hello@raise.me. 



Thea started her career at RaiseMe on the educator partnerships team and currently leads customer research and engagement. Prior, Thea taught reading in New Orleans and Boston public schools. For fun, Thea loves to get outdoors and spend time with her rescue pup Ro.

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