Sneak Peek – New Curriculum for High School and District Partners

The new school year is officially underway across the nation and we’ve got some exciting product features and resources in the works to support your student’s college and career aspirations. For highly engaged high schools that are ready to further embed RaiseMe into their college-going culture, we’ll be offering a suite of services to take your school’s experience to the next level. As an official high school partner, educators will have access to a free college and career readiness curriculum, differentiated by grade level, offering monthly insights and touchpoints to help students track their progress on RaiseMe and tie those learnings back to their academic and extracurricular goals.

Here are the lesson plans for September as a sneak peek into the curriculum*:

*Click the links to download each lesson plan

9th Grade: Welcome to High School: Strategizing to Succeed

Download the 9th grade guide here


Objective: Students will be introduced to ideas on why high school is important in life and how to best prepare themselves for success during the next four years. Download the guide here.

10th Grade: Extracurriculars – Why They Matter and How to Get Involved

Download the 10th grade guide here


Objective: Students will research extracurricular activities that align with their interests and commit to pursuing an endeavor that promotes cooperation and problem-solving. Download the guide here.

11th Grade: FAFSA – Planning Ahead for Financial Aid

Download the 11th grade guide here


Objective: Students will describe why completing the FAFSA is important. They will define the difference between grants and loans as well as interpret data to describe the financial considerations to weigh when applying to colleges. Download the guide here.

12th Grade: Narrowing Down Your College List & FAFSA Review

Download the 12th grade guide here


Objective: Students will be able to take the initial steps of narrowing down their college lists as well as reviewing important details about financial aid and completing the FAFSA. Download the guide here.

At the beginning of every month of the school year, educators at partnered high schools will receive the 9th-12th grade lesson plan bundle to share with students. If you’d like to learn how to qualify for the high school or district partnership, feel free to contact us at

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