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Why I am Thankful for School

RaiseMe student ambassador, Neha, shares some of the reasons why she is thankful for school.

From extracurriculars to academics, my school has assisted me in exploring a multitude of skills and activities. Accordingly, I am thankful for school because it has helped me find what I am passionate about, pushed me to seek new experiences, and altered my personality.

A love of math

Through school, I was made aware of my love for math, specifically Calculus. Speeding through Pre-calculus, I decided to take AP Calc AB, one of my first AP classes. As nervous as I was, my passion for math pushed me to work hard to earn the grades I wanted. From u-substitution to integration, I found myself curious about challenging myself to higher difficulties.

A growth in confidence

Growing up, I possessed low self-esteem, low confidence, and social awkwardness. However, participating in activities in high school gave me the opportunity to meet other students with similar hobbies and interests. Through increased interaction, I gradually evolved from the introverted role and became more social, making new friends, and having more confidence. I cannot give my school enough credit for its immense effect on my personality.

Furthermore, the activities that I have done in school have presented me with leadership experiences, competitions, and relationships. For instance, occupying an officer role in the World Language Club showed me how to be a leader and take charge. Furthermore, Gym Night, my school’s annual intramural dance competition, helped me realize that I love to dance.

My high school experiences have changed me as a person and I cannot be thankful enough. 

Samantha writes on topics facing students and parents for RaiseMe. She hopes her pieces can help equip students with the information they need to get to their best fit college. Outside of RaiseMe, you can find Samantha reading, writing more, and getting outside to explore all that the Bay Area has to offer.

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