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COVID-19 Community Impact: New Micro-scholarships for Your Service

COVID-19 Community Impact: New Micro-scholarships for Your Service

As the world comes together to overcome COVID-19, we’re calling on students to take action towards COVID-19 relief efforts.

The uncertainty and pressure caused by COVID-19 is weighing on us all. But as the world takes cautionary measures to practice good hygiene and social distancing to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we know that collectively, our individual efforts can have a substantial impact on curbing this pandemic.

Many people have already taken inspiring actions to help their communities — from organizing efforts to support hospital workers, to raising awareness about social distancing best practices. Now, we’re calling on all students to take action in their communities — and introducing a new service-based micro-scholarship to the RaiseMe platform to help colleges recognize your efforts.

COVID-19 Community Impact Micro-scholarships

Below, we’ve shared some ways you can earn micro-scholarships for safely helping to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in your community, and some of our favorite examples of ways people have shown up for their communities over the past few weeks.

Other ways to volunteer virtually

Looking for other ways to do community service from home? Websites like VolunteerMatch and DoSomething.org offer several options for virtual community service covering a wide range of areas, from advocacy and human rights, to animals, to children and literacy.

There are thousands of volunteer opportunities that will allow you to pursue your passions while helping others — and we’re rooting for you to change the world with your actions.

Do you have an act of service you’d like to update in your RaiseMe portfolio? Log in to RaiseMe to earn micro-scholarships from colleges for your achievements.

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