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How students on RaiseMe #RaiseTheBar

Everyday at RaiseMe, we encourage students to track and highlight their progress towards achieving their college goals. Our latest social media contest gave high school seniors on RaiseMe the opportunity to spotlight their own college results and destinations, while underclassmen (9-11th graders) showed off their favorite extracurriculars and activities that are helping them earn micro-scholarships towards the colleges of their dreams.

Check out some of our favorite contributions below!

UCI ? in the fall! @raise.me #CollegeSigningDay #RaiseMe #Classof2021 #Collegiance

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In the fall of 2017 I’ll be attending Bennington College! #Classof2021 #CollegeSigningDay #RaiseMe @raise.me

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#RaiseTheBar @raise.me #Classof2019 #kohlssnapping Working for theTexas Showcase

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