Asking for Letters of Rec? Print Your Resume on RaiseMe

Turn your RaiseMe portfolio into a printed resume to share with educators, employers, and more.

Earning micro-scholarships for your achievements in high school and community college can be extremely rewarding, motivating, and informative. That’s why more than two million students have used RaiseMe to discover and prepare for college by showcasing their accomplishments in return for scholarships from colleges.  Now, we’re making it even easier for YOU to showcase all of your hard work and accomplishments by giving you the tools to download and print a resume using your RaiseMe portfolio.

To download your printable resume: Log in to your RaiseMe Portfolio. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of your profile to open the “Edit Profile” menu. Then, click on “Print Resume” to download a PDF of your printed resume to your web browser. Voilá!

There are many benefits to keeping your RaiseMe portfolio up-to-date with coursework, extracurriculars and other achievements. First off, your achievements show you how much a college will award you in scholarships for your accomplishments in school to-date. Plus, earning micro-scholarships is a great way to learn about what colleges are willing to award you during high school or community college – it’s like a roadmap for everything you need to do!

Last but not least, keeping your RaiseMe portfolio updated helps you keep a log of all of your activities, community service, honors and awards, and coursework throughout school — making it so all of your achievements and progress towards college readiness are in one place.

With our new resume tool, you can download all of those great portfolio achievements to share with teachers, potential employers, scholarship committees, and for your own reference when filling out your college applications. Here are some ways to use the printable resume to help you get on the right track towards starting at your dream college:

  1. Provide your printed resume as an “activity list” to your counselor when asking for a letter of recommendation. Once senior year rolls around, you can get ahead of asking your teachers and counselors for recommendation letters as part of the college application process. Download and print or share your RaiseMe portfolio with your recommender, and save yourself time to focus on building the right college list, crafting your personal statement, or applying for financial aid.
  2. Use the printed resume for job or internship applications. Many job or internship applications will ask that you submit a resume as part of your application! RaiseMe’s printed portfolio is neatly formatted and can be downloaded with the simple click-of-a-button if you need a resume in a pinch.
  3. Applying for outside scholarships? Share your printed resume as a supplement to your application. On top of completing all the other eligibility requirements for applying for outside scholarships on Fastweb or other sources, sharing a resume as part of your application can act as as proof of all of your hard work and accomplishments that make you a great candidate to receive those scholarship funds.

You can created your printable resume in by logging into RaiseMe and updating your portfolio with all your latest achievements. Click here to generate your new resume now.

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