Interpreting PSAT Scores: A lesson plan from RaiseMe’s Paving Path’s to College Curriculum Guide

Download a free lesson plan that outlines how to use a student’s PSAT score to set a study plan that hones in on areas of improvement.

PSAT scores are in!

One of the main benefits of taking the PSAT is the feedback a student can get from the detailed score report. Based on that performance, your students can build a study plan that gives weight to the topic areas where they could benefit from the most review. Further, the score report gives a student an indication of how they would perform on the SAT, which is helpful when deciding how much time to devote to preparation and signals the type of resources a student could seek out for help. Analyzing the score report with your students offers a touchpoint to direct their studying efforts in advance of testing season. As such, we’ve prepared a lesson plan, with an accompanied worksheet, to facilitate a classroom discussion.

Lesson Plan: PSAT Scores

Page 43 of Paving Paths to College: A RaiseMe Curriculum Book

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to analyze their PSAT score report, identifying strengths, growth areas, and specific topics to focus on for additional practice.

  • The PSAT is the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Program, an honor that is highly regarded by colleges.
  • There is a National Recognition Program – for African-American, Hispanic, Indigenous and Rural students – and the recipients are chosen via PSAT score.
  • Your percentile and college benchmark are measures for assessing how well you did compared to your peers.
  • The sub-score breakdown helps you identify strength areas and topics that you will want to practice further before the SAT.

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