High School Summer Planning 101

12th Making the Most of the Summer Before College

Summer break can be a great opportunity for students to reset and reflect on their aspirations for the coming school year. It can also be a time to lay the foundation for habits that will set them up for success when their academics resume in the Fall. We’ve prepared a lesson plan for current 9th-11th grade students that will get them thinking about making the most of the down time from school, and activities they can pursue in the summer months that will catapult their college preparation. For graduating seniors, we’ve put together a lesson plan that walks through some actions they can take in the summer that can help make the transition to college a little easier. In both presentations, students will walk away with tools and tips for planning out their summer involvements.

Learning Objectives

Audience: 9-11th

Students will learn about and research:

  • Pre-college summer programs
  • Fly-in programs
  • Summer leadership opportunities

Audience: Graduating seniors

Students will research and plan for:

  • Orientation programming that may happen at their college
  • Freshman advising and come prepared with questions for course planning
  • The logistics for their transition from high school and get support from friends and family

How to Use this Lesson Plan

As the school year wraps up, and students go through finals, there is likely to be down time where there’s little instructional material to cover. These presentations can serve as a precursor to summer planning activities you can spearhead with students. On a similar vein, if there is an advisory or homeroom period, a conversation around summer planning may be pertinent, and we hope these lesson plans can serve as thought starters for your students.

Interested in saving this lesson plan to share with your students? Click here to view the 9-11th grade lesson plan, Click here to view the 12th grade lesson plan and here for the accompanying worksheet. For all, hit the “Download” button.

Introducing RaiseMe Lesson Plans

RaiseMe created a series of lesson plan content for educators, designed to thoughtfully engage high school students of all ages in college readiness activities and build stronger college-going culture in schools. Help put students on the right path towards taking control of their college-going futures by exploring some of our other lesson plans on understanding financial aid, college discovery, HBCUs, understanding the PSAT, interpreting your GPA, and more.

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