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RaiseMe is now on Clever

Introducing RaiseMe in the Clever Library!

RaiseMe is available in the Clever Library


From building lesson plans, to meeting with students one-on-one and keeping them on-track for college, to getting them to begin discovering their best-fit schools, and everything else in between, we know that life can get hectic for high school educators. That’s why we’re excited to announce that high school educators can now easily access RaiseMe to help students earn micro-scholarships for college via the Clever Library – quickly, easily, and for free.


What is the Clever Library?

The Clever Library is a place for teachers to discover, learn about, and adopt new digital resources for their classroom. Resources in the Library can be added to a teacher’s Teacher Page for easy access by students and teachers. When a teacher adds a new resource from the Library tab in the Clever Portal, every student’s account is created automatically, so the only thing left to do is log in (from the Portal).


RaiseMe is available in the Clever Library
RaiseMe in the Clever Library

How to access RaiseMe on Clever


The Clever Library offers one-click access to signing up for an Educator account on RaiseMe, and makes it easy for students in a class to create their own account to start earning micro-scholarships from colleges for their high school achievements.


If your school or district uses Clever, you can get started recommending RaiseMe to your students via Clever right away by installing RaiseMe via the “Library” menu once you log in to the Clever dashboard. Students can then find RaiseMe to create an account or sign into their existing accounts by visiting your classroom’s page.


By adding RaiseMe from the Clever Library into a class page within Clever, high school educators can introduce their students to a host of college discovery and readiness resources, including:

  • Detailed college profile information for more than 2,000 colleges nationwide;
  • Personalized college search tools tailored to students’ individual skills and interests;
  • The chance to earn achievement-based micro-scholarships for high school achievements starting in the 9th grade.


RaiseMe is available in the Clever Library
The RaiseMe Educator Portal

With an educator profile on RaiseMe, you can easily invite your students to sign up for RaiseMe, track your students’ academic and extracurricular progress towards earning micro-scholarships and college readiness, access
comprehensive college readiness lesson plans and resources, and view insights about students at your school.


Interested in learning more about the RaiseMe Educator Portal? Learn more about how you can help your students meet their college readiness goals using RaiseMe here.




Cecilia is the Senior Manager for Content, Community, and Brand at RaiseMe. She leads all of RaiseMe’s communications efforts and got her career start working in higher education marketing. She loves to connect with different members of RaiseMe’s community of students, educators, and parents! In her spare time, Cecilia enjoys hiking, taking road trips, and spending time by the water.

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