RaiseMe’s 2020 Community College Student Engagement Toolkit

We’ve created a set of tools designed to help community college advisors better engage students in the transfer planning process this fall.

We can’t believe that fall is almost here! It’s been a whirlwind few months, and we know that you are thinking about ways to support your students as we navigate this new virtual, but connected world.. RaiseMe is here to help amplify your messages to students- you can still earn good grades, visit with transfer colleges, join student organizations, and help your community (even online).

RaiseMe always wants to encourage our two-year educators to share RaiseMe with their students. We made know you’re busy so we made a Student Engagement Toolkit and Impactful Engagement Strategies for you to use with students Additionally, here are some easy, 60 second ways to get the word out:

  • New Student Orientation: Use our slides and flyers in your orientation program, both in person and online. Getting students thinking about transfer on day one increases the likelihood of their success.
  • First Year Experience: Talking about transfer planning in your FYE course? Students can use RaiseMe to research over 1,500 colleges while earning scholarships. Use our transfer planning classroom activity and transfer research worksheet to help students jump start the planning process.
  • Course Announcement: Teaching online? Post a RaiseMe course announcement at the start of the semester.
  • Social Media: You, and your student leaders, can use our Social Media Toolkit to post pre-written messages and share social friendly images.
  • Send an Email: Our email templates make it as easy as “copy and paste”. Send messages from your personal email, or put them in your CRM.
  • Invite Students from your Educator Account: Community College educators can request access to an Educator Account, which allows you to drop in student email addresses for an easy way to connect.

We love staying connected with educators! Check out our upcoming webinars, which include demonstrations, best practices conversations, and dialogues on issues facing post secondary education. Have questions, or want to connect with a team member to learn more? Reach us at

As always thank you for everything you do for students!

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