Fundraising managers: Salary, career path, job outlook, education and more

Fundraising managers oversee campaigns and events intended to bring in donations for their organization. Many organizations that employ fundraisers rely heavily on the donations they gather in order to run their operations.

Fundraising managers usually decide which fundraising techniques are necessary in a certain situation. Common techniques include annual campaigns, capital campaigns, planned giving, and soliciting for major gifts. In addition, social media has created a new avenue for fundraising managers to connect with more potential donors and to spread their organizations message.

Those who work on annual campaigns focus heavily on contacting donors who have given in the past, and request that they give again. Finding new contacts for future donations is also a component of a successful annual campaign.

Capital campaigns are different; they are generally used to raise money over a shorter time period and for a specific project, such as the construction of a new building at a university.

Fundraisers who spend most of their time on planned giving must have specialized training in taxes regarding gifts of stocks, bonds, charitable annuities, and real estate bequests in a will. Major gifts are a feature of many different campaigns and are generally requested in person, given the large value of the potential donation.

Education Required
For public relations and fundraising management positions, a bachelors degree in public relations, communications, English, fundraising, or journalism is generally required. However, some employers prefer a masters degree, particularly in public relations, journalism, fundraising, or nonprofit management.
Job Outlook
The projected percent change in employment from 2016 to 2026: 10% (Faster than average)
(The average growth rate for all occupations is 7 percent.)
Although not mandatory, public relations managers can become certified through the Public Relations Society of America. Candidates qualify on the basis of years of experience and must pass an exam to become certified.
Median pay: How much do Public Relations and Fundraising Managers make?
$107,320 Annual Salary
$51.59 per hour

Careers for Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

  • Communication managers
  • Communications experts
  • Communications officers
  • Fundraising directors
  • Information directors
  • Information officers
  • Media planners
  • Promoters
  • Public affairs directors
  • Public affairs managers
  • Public information directors
  • Public information relations managers
  • Public relations consultants
  • Public relations coordinators
  • Public relations counselors
  • Public relations directors
  • Public relations managers
  • Public relations officers
  • Public relations practitioners
  • Publicists
  • Publicity directors
  • Publicity experts

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