RaiseMe Partners Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi Heritage Month

Given everything going on in the world right now, we could all use more celebrations! Which is why we are particularly excited this month to celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month with our college partners.

We’ve asked some RaiseMe partners about their Asian American academic programs, student groups, experiences, and more. Learn about how these campuses celebrate Asian American culture this month and throughout the year.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University Sourced: Arizona State University

The Asian/Asian Pacific American Students’ Coalition at Arizona State University is one of many student groups that contributes to ASU’s robust and thriving student community.

This coalition includes 20 clubs and organizations on campus, such as the Asian Business Leaders Association, Asian Nation Dance, Sun Devil Taiko Club and Delta Chi Lambda Sorority, Inc. It creates a space for students to connect with others who share a similar identity, and hosts a series of events year-round that cultivate awareness of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. During the Philippine American Student Association’s 25th anniversary last August, computer science major Thera M. shared the positive impact it had on her:

“Being a part of PASA has given me another family in ASU that helped me immensely during my first year as a student and inspired me to become more involved with issues related to the Filipino/Filipino-American community. PASA has also inspired me to reach out to others like me who also seek a Filipino community to belong in.”

ASU is one of only approximately 25 universities across the country that offer a bachelor’s degree in Asian Pacific American Studies (as well as a minor and certificate). During the program, students learn from interdisciplinary faculty with expertise in a variety of fields, and have the opportunity to conduct research and gain hands-on experience through one of the program’s 180+ internships.

Students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in Asian Pacific American Studies graduate with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of immigration, globalization, and race relations in the U.S. and worldwide. Watch this video to hear more from the Asian Pacific American community at ASU.

Syracuse University

Syracuse University Sourced: Syracuse University

At Syracuse University, students can enhance their major curriculum through the university’s Asian/Asian American Studies Minor. The Asian/Asian American Studies Minor was established in Fall 2010 and was born out of student activism, like many Asian American studies programs across the country. According to the Daily Orange, an independent newsroom run and solely operated by Syracuse University students, the initial movement to institute this academic program dates back to the late 1990’s. Student groups gained traction on campus when the Student Association in 2010 passed a resolution to start the Asian/Asian American studies program on campus and were sponsored by 13 academic departments.

Through the Asian/Asian American Studies Minor, students have the opportunity to fulfill program requirements by studying abroad. Students can study abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea which is one of the oldest universities in Korea and one of the leading institutions of higher education in Korea. While abroad, Syracuse students will study alongside other international and Korean students.

Learn more about this academic opportunity at the institution here.

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Sourced: University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has a vast array of Asian and Pacific Islander academic, cultural and community groups to become involved with on campus. This spans from what you are studying, to where you live, to the student’s groups you can participate in, there is a little bit for everyone.

The Asian American student union is strong at the University of Minnesota and has been around since 1975. It is one of the many organizations on campus that is available to students. This student union is represented throughout campus and hosts a popular spring event every year.

At the U of M you have the option to take a variety of Asian influenced classes. Specifically there is an Asian American minor including classes across liberal arts topics as well as an Asian language and literature major.

In addition to these academic opportunities, the University of Minnesota has three different living and learning communities, as well as an assortment of student groups.

You can learn more about the University of Minnesota’s vibrant community here.

New York University

New York University Sourced: NYU

One of the ways New York University is celebrating this month for all of us to enjoy from the comforts of our homes is their Virtual Asian American Art Museum (VAAAM). This museum is a project initiated by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU in collaboration with many other research and art partners.

The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU was established in 1996. The A/P/A is a space for folks to come together with the broader community to produce programming, exhibitions, research and foster artists. This particular exhibit of VAAAM is a celebration and narrative of Asian American art history and is put together for virtual visitors to be able to analyze and contextualize Asian American art history. You can experience the museum here.

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