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Learn about the newest partners to join the RaiseMe platform this fall.

Back-to-school is officially here, and we are excited to announce another group of new partners this September.  This group of institutions is a mix of public and private institutions, varying in programs, majors, and micro-scholarships!  Whether you are a high school student or a community college, start earning today and learn more about these institutions. 

Minneapolis College of Art & Design

Minneapolis College of Art & Design Campus Aerial Shot
Source: Minneapolis College of Art & Design

Fast stats: 

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Undergrad students: 688

Popular majors: Design & Applied Arts, Graphic Communications, Fine & Studio Arts

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for creating a youtube channel for your films, and posting #RaiseMCAD hashtag! Or post #RaiseMCAD on your Instagram!

Huntington University

Future and current Huntington University students
Source: Huntington University

Fast Stats:

Location: Huntington, IN

Undergrad students: 1,146 

Popular Majors: Health/Physical Education, Business, Psychology

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for going to a Huntington summer camp!

Minnesota State University- Mankato

Students cheering at a sporting event in Minnesota State University- Mankato.
Source: Minnesota State University – Mankato

Fast Stats: 

Location: Mankato, MN

Undergrad students: 12,782 

Popular majors: Media studies, Psychology, Criminal studies

Unique micro-scholarship:  Earn for participating in Genesys Works! 

Utica College

Students showing their pride at Utica College.
Source: Utica College

Fast Stats: 

Location: Utica, NY

Undergrad Students: 3,685

Popular Majors: Nursing, Health Services, Homeland Security 

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for participating in Say Yes to Education! 

University of Minnesota- Crookston

Girl waving the University of Minnesota- Crookston flag.
Source: University of Minnesota – Crookston

Fast Stats: 

Location: Crookston, MN 

Undergrad students: 2,834

Popular majors: Bussiness, Accounting, Health Services

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for attending a virtual campus visit at University of Minnesota – Crookston 

Looking to transfer from a community college?

Allen College

Allen College campus.
Source: Allen College

Fast Stats: 

Location: Waterloo, IA 

Undergrad students: 304

Popular Majors: Nursing, Health Diagnostics, Occupational Therapy 

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn to go to nursing camp! 

William Peace University

Allen College campus during a graduation ceremony.
Source: William Peace University

Fast Stats: 

Location: Raleigh, NC

Undergrad students: 930 

Popular Majors: Business, Psychology, Liberal arts

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for making progress towards your associate degree! 

Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College campus.
Source: Elmhurst College

Fast Stats: 

Location: Elmhurst, IL 

Undergrad students: 2,875

Popular Majors: Business, Psychology, Nursing

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for auditing a class at Elmhurst! 

Mary Walsh is a marketing specialist and works with current and prospective partners. Mary went to the University of San Francisco and found her passion for education and students here at RaiseMe. For fun, Mary loves to write, do yoga and hang out with her friend’s pug.

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