RaiseMe for iPhone is here!

Exciting news from the RaiseMe mothership!

At long last, we have an iPhone app! Our new app lets you do everything you can do on our site, and more – like earn micro-scholarships for you high school achievements and discovering new colleges easily, quickly, and literally with one swipe. #blessed

Back in March when we looked at how students were using RaiseMe, we found that over half of our them were already using our website on their mobile phones to discover and earn micro-scholarships. That’s why we designed our iOS app from the ground up: to make it easier than ever before to earn college scholarships on your iPhone or iPad.

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Android users: don’t fret! Our team is hard at work building an app for you by 2018, in the meantime you can use RaiseMe’s mobile-friendly website to earn scholarships for your high school achievements on your computer or mobile devices.


In designing our new app, we focused heavily on improving and streamlining our most important features for students, building the best RaiseMe mobile experience ever. Here are a couple of the things you’ll now be able to do using RaiseMe’s new iOS app:

  • Follow your favorite colleges and discover new colleges that could be a great fit for you
  • Add high school achievements, like good grades and extracurricular activities, to your portfolio and instantly earn scholarships from colleges for each achievement
  • See what you can do in high school to earn more from colleges
  • Refer a friend to start earning on RaiseMe (and earn a $100 referral scholarship in the process!)

When our team first set out on a mission to expand access to higher education three years ago, we had one primary goal in mind: help students build their unique pathways to education, whether that was by earning scholarships from colleges for individual achievements, discovering the best fit college for them, or understanding how their work during high school might impact their college experience.

Fast forward to three years later, and here are just a few points illustrating the impact we have made:

  • Helped 750,000 students earn $1 billion in college scholarships, with an average of $22,500 per student
  • Introduced RaiseMe to more than 22,500 educators in 1 of every 2 high schools across the country
  • Brought 250+ colleges onto our platform as partners

Want to starting earning college scholarships for the things you’re already doing in high school? You can download the new RaiseMe app for iPhone, free on on the Apple App Store now.

We hope you enjoy the new app! Let us know your feedback, comments, and questions:

Dan and the RaiseMe iOS team (Hammed, Yefim, Matheo, Ben, Daniel)

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