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#12DaysOfKindness Student Stories, Day 8: Francesca A.

To ring in the holiday season, RaiseMe is celebrating #12DaysOfKindness. Each day, we’ll feature a new high school student doing outstanding work to serve their communities. Today’s spotlight is on Francesca, a high school junior from Austin, TX whose community service activities involved horses!

Here’s what Francesca shared about her community service experience:

What is your act of service ? 

I helped at-risk youth learn to ride and care for horses.

Can you share your favorite memory from this act of service? 

The most memorable experience I’ve had volunteering at Healing with Horses ranch was being able to see one of the kids really develop trust between him and his horse. It was amazing to see what a difference that made, and how much more comfortable that made the student feel.  

What’s one lesson you’ve learned from your service experience?

One lesson I’ve learned from my service experience is that sometimes people don’t need you to try to fix their problem, they just need you to listen. Maybe not even listen, just be there for them when they need you.





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