RaiseMe’s Back-to-School Cohort of New Partners

Check out RaiseMe’s new back-to-school cohort, and start earning micro-scholarships today!

RaiseMe is excited to announce our back-to-school cohort of new partner colleges. This cohort of institutions is diverse in location, programs, and size. However, they all have one thing in common, these institutions value all the hard work that students are doing in high school and want to show you that! Start earning scholarships today, and learn more about these institutions.

Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas University Arkansas Tech University

Fast stats:

Location: Russellville, AR

Undergrad students: 10,781

Popular majors: Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, Nursing, Teaching

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for participating in FBLA!

Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College Hillsdale College

Fast stats:

Location: Hillsdale MI

Undergrad students: 1,512

Popular majors: Economics, History, Political Science

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for attending an admissions interview or information session on campus.

Grace College

Grace College Grace College

Fast stats:

Location: Winona Lake, IN

Undergrad Students: 1,762

Popular Majors: Bussiness, Psychology, Human Services

RaiseMe & Grace College student says: “I liked the fact that the faculty and staff are so supportive and so helpful. I was surprised at how many people I met and how many friends I made so quickly.”

Watkins College of the Arts

Watkins College of the Arts Watkins College of the Arts

Fast stats:

Location: Nashville, TN

Undergrad students: 205

Popular majors: Designed & Applied Arts, Film/Video Arts, Fine & Studio Arts

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for attending a national portfolio day event!

Bennington College

Bennington College Bennington College

Fast stats:

Location: Bennington, VT

Undergrad students: 775

Popular Majors: Visual & Performing Arts, Literature, Drama

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for being a finalist in a FIRST Robotics competition!

University of Minnesota- Morris

University of Minnesota- Morris University of Minnesota- Morris

Fast stats:

Location: Morris, MN

Undergrad Students: 1,627

Popular Majors: Psychology, Business, English

RaiseMe & UMN- Morris student says: “Morris is definitely the small town homey feel that allows you not only get to know a lot of the faculty and students but the community as well. There are so many ways the community reaches out to you. From meals to after school programs and their large support of our athletics. There are also so many clubs and organizations to be a part of that, that despite being a small town you’re always busy and able to have fun.”

Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin Wallace University Baldwin Wallace University

Fast stats:

Location: Berea WI

Undergrad students: 3,183

Popular Majors: Business, Psychology, Biology

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for attending a summer program at BW!

Mass Art

Mass Art Mass Art

Fast stats:

Location: Boston, MA

Undergrad students: 1,933

Popular Majors: Design & Applied Arts, Fine & Studio Arts, Film/Video Arts

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for creating an art or media portfolio!

Lakeland University

Lakeland University Lakeland University

Fast stats:

Location: Plymouth, WI

Undergrad students: 1,998

Popular Majors: Business, Accounting, Computer Science

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for working or having an internship!

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University Saint Louis University

Fast stats:

Location: Saint Louis, MO

Undergrad Students: 9,910

Popular Majors: Business, Nursing, Health & Physical Education

RaiseMe & SLU student says: “SLU is such a good place to be. There’s always something to do on campus and there are so many groups and organizations, it feels like there’s a place for everyone. It’s small but not so small you know everyone you see which is nice.”

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