The Best Extracurriculars for Getting into College

Extracurriculars can help colleges get to know the whole you, thereby helping you get into college! Here’s how to find out which hobbies are right for you.

If you’re reading this, you are probably already well aware of how important extracurriculars are for getting into college, and succeeding there. Chances are you’re at the stage of wracking your brain to determine which hobbies are the most impressive to admissions officers. Let’s shift that thinking.

Instead of prioritizing the activities that you think colleges want to see on your applications, thoughtfully consider what truly interests you, what you’re good at, and what makes you happy. Explore these ideas, and then consider how you can apply those interests into the clubs, organizations, or activities you could spend more time on. If you need some scenarios to help kickstart your thinking, keep on reading!

Scenario 1: You already have a hobby (or hobbies) that you love

If you’re already doing, and have been enjoying activities, like soccer or robotics clubs, for years — congratulations. You’ve found something you’re passionate about, and you now you have an opportunity to explore it deeper.

Consider how you can take on a leadership role: Colleges are looking for leaders in their community and students who will become leaders and innovators in the working world after college. If you’ve been playing soccer for years, think about how you can become the captain.

Consider how you can make a deeper impact: Think critically about the impact you have on others and your community via your hobby. If French Club is your calling, is there a way that you can give back to others in the process, such as tutoring younger students in French or teaching adults a second language?

Scenario 2: You’re still looking for that special something

Maybe you grew up playing video games and a bit of basketball when you were young, but they’ve have fallen off since you started into high school or community college. It’s not too late! Fortunately, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, that openness can be a bit overwhelming.

Popular Extracurriculars for high school students

We crowdsourced ideas from thousands of RaiseMe alumni students to help you get started. Below, you will find a list of the most reported hobbies in the most common extracurricular categories. Use this to catalyze your own search, and remember that colleges care about the impact you make from your hobby, not the hobby in and of itself.

Extracurricular Brainstorm
Extracurricular Brainstorm

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