#12DaysOfKindness Student Spotlight, Day 9: Stephanie N.

To ring in the holiday season, RaiseMe is celebrating #12DaysOfKindness. Each day, we’ll feature a new high school student doing outstanding work to serve their communities. Today’s spotlight is on Stephanie, a high school sophomore from Troy, MI, whose service took her to Lebanon, where she provided emotional support to children at a Syrian refugee camp.

Here’s what Stephanie shared about her community service experience:

What is your act of service ? 

I provided emotional support to children at a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon.

Can you share your favorite memory from this act of service? 

My most memorable story from my experience is when I got to play soccer with the children and they were laughing and smiling the whole time.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned from your service experience?

One lesson I learned from my experience is that happiness comes from the heart. These children are put through very harsh situations but they still always have a smile on their faces.





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Cecilia is the Communications Manager for RaiseMe.