Information Clerks: Salary, career path, job outlook, education and more

Education Required
Although candidates for most positions usually qualify with a high school diploma, human resources assistants generally need an associates degree. Whether pursuing a degree or not, courses in word processing and spreadsheet applications are particularly helpful.
Training Required
Most information clerks receive short-term on-the-job training, usually lasting a few weeks. Training typically covers clerical procedures and the use of computer applications. Those employed in government receive training that may last several months and includes learning about various government programs and regulations.
Job Outlook
The projected percent change in employment from 2016 to 2026: 3% (Slower than average)
(The average growth rate for all occupations is 7 percent.)
Some information clerks may advance to other administrative positions with more responsibilities, such as secretaries and administrative assistants. With completion of a bachelors degree, some human resources assistants may become human resources specialists.
Median pay: How much do Information Clerks make?
$32,920 Annual Salary
$15.83 per hour

Information clerks perform routine clerical duties such as maintaining records, collecting data, and providing information to customers.

What do Information Clerks do?

Information clerks typically do the following:

  • Prepare routine reports, claims, bills, or orders
  • Collect and record data from customers, staff, and the public
  • Answer questions from customers and the public about products or services
  • File and maintain paper or electronic records

Information clerks perform routine office support functions in an organization, business, or government. They use telephones, computers, and other office equipment such as scanners and fax machines.

The following are examples of types of information clerks:

Careers for Information Clerks

  • Admitting interviewers
  • Airline reservation agents
  • Airline reservationists
  • Airline ticket agents
  • Assistant innkeepers
  • Catalogue clerks
  • Census clerks
  • Census takers
  • Circuit court clerks
  • City clerks
  • Claims correspondence clerks
  • Classified ad clerks
  • Correspondence clerks
  • Correspondence representatives
  • Correspondence transcribers
  • Court clerks
  • Courtroom clerks
  • Customer service correspondence clerks
  • Cut file clerks
  • Deputy court clerks
  • Docket clerks
  • Document clerks
  • Dog licensers
  • Election clerks
  • Eligibility interviewers
  • Eligibility interviewers, government programs
  • Employment clerks
  • Fan mail editors
  • Field enumerators
  • File clerks
  • File keepers
  • Flight crew schedulers
  • Gate agents
  • HR clerks
  • Hotel desk clerks
  • Hotel front desk clerks
  • Hotel registration clerks
  • Hotel reservationists
  • Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks
  • Human resources assistants
  • Index clerks
  • Interviewers
  • License clerks
  • Mail order clerks
  • Market research interviewers
  • Medicare correspondence representatives
  • Medicare interviewers
  • Motel clerks
  • Motel front desk attendants
  • Motel front desk clerks
  • Motor vehicle license clerks
  • Motor vehicle representatives
  • Municipal clerks
  • Order clerks
  • Order desk clerks
  • Outpatient interviewing clerks
  • Passenger agents
  • Passenger booking clerks
  • Personnel clerks
  • Probate clerks
  • Public housing interviewers
  • Records clerks
  • Reservation agents
  • Reservation and transportation ticket agents and travel clerks
  • Reservation sales agents
  • Resort desk clerks
  • Service order clerks
  • Social security benefits interviewers
  • Student admissions clerks
  • Student loan correspondents
  • Subscription clerks
  • Survey interviewers
  • Tax clerks
  • Telephone interviewers
  • Township clerks
  • Train clerks
  • Train reservation clerks
  • Transportation clerks
  • Travel clerks
  • Unemployment benefits claims takers
  • Want ad clerks
  • Warrant clerks
  • Welfare interviewers

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