RaiseMe’s Fall Cohort Continued; Newest College Partners

Learn more about the newest colleges offering micro-scholarships for high school achievements.

Before winter is here, take a look at our newest college partners from this fall. This is a group of private and public institutions from all over the country.

Students — learn more about these unique universities and start earning today!

Loyola University- New Orleans

Loyola University Source: Loyola University New Orleans

Fast stats:

Location: New Orleans, LA

Undergrad students: 2,602

Popular Majors: Psychology, Art, Business Administration

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for completing the EverFi – Financial Literacy Certification Course!

New Mexico State University

New Mexico University Source: New Mexico State University

Fast stats:

Location: Las Cruces, NM

Undergrad students: 11,713

Popular majors: Nursing, Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for taking 2+ years of a language!

Wells College

Wells College Source: Wells College

Fast stats:

Location: Aurora, NY

Undergrad students: 488

Popular Majors: Psychology, Biology, Business Administration

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for participating in a college prep program, like AVID, Gear Up, ASPIRE, etc.

Castleton University

Castleton University Source: Castleton University

Fast stats:

Location: Castleton, VT

Undergrad students: 1,855

Popular majors: Business, Health Education, Medical Prep Programs

RaiseMe student says:: Earn “Castleton has over 60 clubs and organizations you can join, as well as 3 branches of student government. Castleton also offers students a “Beast Pass,” which offers students with a free ski and board season’s pass to the local Pico mountain.”

Roberts Wesleyan University

Roberts Wesleyan University Source: Roberts Wesleyan University

Fast stats:

Location: Rochester, NY

Undergrad students: 1,321

Popular Majors: Nursing, Human Resources, Social Work

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for participating in a spiritual formation group, like Young Life, Peer Ministry, Church Youth Group, etc.

Florida Memorial University

Florida Memorial University Source: Florida Memorial University

Fast stats:

Location: Miami Gardens, FL

Undergrad students: 1,173

Popular majors: Criminal justice, Accounting, Public Relations

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for taking a college-level course!

Check out new partners to earn from in Community College!

University of Mount Olive

University of Mount Olive Source: University of Mount Olive

Fast stats:

Location: Mount Olive, NC

Undergrad students: 3,207

Popular Majors: Business Administration, Teachers Education, Criminal Justice

Unique micro-scholarship: Earn for participating in a college intramural team!

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