Reimagining Search [Free On-Demand Webinar]

In light of COVID-19 limitations and the recent industry shift to test-optional admissions, millions of students are not taking standardized tests. This leaves enrollment leaders and marketers seeking new ways to discover students without purchasing student contact details from test providers.

Watch this webinar with higher ed leaders who share their experiences reimagining the traditional search practice to create innovative and sustainable ways to discover, diversify, connect with, and convert students in their enrollment funnels.

Falone Serna, VP of Enrollment at Whittier College, Scott McIntyre, Associate Director of Admissions at IUPUI, and Tyler Peterson, Executive Director of Admissions at the University of Alabama at Birmingham speak to how they are thinking about search, with a focus on current budget realities, lead source diversification, and leading through this sea of change. Finally, panelists speak to the successes they’ve found and how these strategies influence both the immediate and long-term successes of their institutions.

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