Job Description

Marketing and Communications Associate

San Francisco

Who are we?
At RaiseMe, we imagine a world where every student has an opportunity to realize their college and career ambitions, and we believe that expanded access to education is the foundation of that future. By partnering with colleges to offer incremental “micro-scholarships” to reward students individual academic and extracurricular progress throughout high school, we aim empower millions of students to build their personal path to college, while making paying for it clearer and more transparent. More than 1.4 million students have earned micro-scholarships for college on RaiseMe to-date, and we’ve only just begun.

Our team is made up of a group of scrappy, solutions-oriented thinkers and doers who are passionate about transforming students’ paths to higher education for the better.

What would you do?
We’re looking for a motivated, hardworking, and savvy marketing generalist with 1-3 years of experience in digital marketing, content creation, communications, and/or community management to support the growth of RaiseMe’s brand presence among college-bound students, educators, and parents through content marketing, digital and social media, public relations, and community engagement. Your responsibilities will grow based on your performance and the skills you want to learn. Some projects may include:

  • Content Marketing -- Operationalize RaiseMe’s editorial strategy by pitching, writing, and producing quick-turnaround articles, longer-lead features, and/or multimedia photo and audio content focused on helping high school students navigate the college prep and discovery journey.
  • Community Management -- Cultivate the RaiseMe student and educator community to surface success stories among our 1.5 million users and build an army of brand and product advocates. Act as a project manager for our Student Editorial Board, serving as editor facilitating regular check-ins with student contributors to our online community and building quality control processes to ensure that content is scalable and stay on-brand.
  • Social Media -- enhance and scale RaiseMe’s social media presence by crafting compelling student- and educator- facing content and executing on campaigns in line with our brand voice, guidelines and engagement objectives. Collaborate across communications, content marketing, and design to produce engaging and meaningful multimedia for our high school student community across channels (e.g., Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube). Graphic design or light video editing experience is a plus!
  • External Relations -- develop narratives that will help boost RaiseMe’s brand presence in local, national and industry media. Support brand marketing and public relations projects with thorough research, ideation, planning, media outreach, and measurement.
  • Product Marketing -- assist in the creation of copy, graphics, and physical print collateral prior to major announcements and/or new product launches.


What would your commitment be?  
Full time (40 hours a week)

This job is for you if you… 

  • are a doer. You are hands-on, driven, self-motivated, and a self-starter who brings your ideas to life and takes pride in results. You are resourceful and find ways to get things done regardless of the obstacles.
  • are a risk-taker. You are not fearful of failure and realize that failure is often a step closer to figuring out what works. Taking on complex challenges excites you, even if you have to ask for help or spend some time figuring out where to begin. Most of all, you use data and testable hypotheses to make decisions and improve your results over time.
  • are curious about the world around you. You are knowledgeable about current events, and have a strong bias towards cultural awareness and sensitivity. You consume media like it’s your job!
  • are organized. You are detail oriented and can handle having a variety of different projects on your plate at one time because you are good at keeping track of them. You can create structure for yourself to be most successful.
  • are a prolific writer. You are thoughtful about the ways you tell stories and the impact they may have on your audience; you are passionate, witty, and able to rally everyone around you about your cause.
  • are creative and empathetic. You find inspiration in all places and are thoughtful in understanding the needs of our various stakeholders -- traits that manifest themselves in your communication style.
  • are confident but self-critical. You are confident in your skills and the quality of your work product. At the same time, you are not afraid to ask for help and want to constantly be improving. You value honest, action-oriented feedback and believe that we can use it as a tool to improve as a team.
  • are mission-driven. You want to use your talents to make the world a better place and you are in a rush to do it. You may have worked in education or edtech before or your desire to improve education may come through in other experiences from your life.

What will success look like for you at RaiseMe? 

  • You will have executed on projects across a wide range of marketing focus areas and progressed on the Growth and Marketing team to take ownership of key initiatives on the team
  • You will have grown RaiseMe’s evolving brand and reached millions of new students, educators, and parents in generating awareness around RaiseMe’s mission to empower students of all backgrounds to discover and realize their college ambitions
  • You have helped millions of students to achieve their potential and fulfill their college ambitions. The product and company you have helped build transforms the way billions of dollars in financial aid are distributed each year.
  • You will have grown a robust community among our student, educator and parent base of user advocates into ambassadors for RaiseMe’s value proposition and brand.
  • You have helped build a category-defining company and have an attractive equity stake.
  • You have learned a ton, met amazing people, developed your skills, and had a life-shaping experience.

What are the other benefits?
Learn valuable skills by working in a highly collaborative and cross-functional team within a growing startup.  Have an impact on the business and help build the future of ed-tech. Go to work every day knowing that you’re building a product that will narrow the achievement gap and enable more students to achieve their college and career ambitions.  

Please include a recent writing sample for consideration.