Production career paths: Qualifications, Salary, and more

    No education required

  • Butchers

    Butchers cut, trim, and package meat for retail sale.

  • Bakers

    Bakers mix ingredients according to recipes in order to make breads, pastries, and other baked goods.

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Quality Control Inspectors

    Quality control inspectors examine products and materials for defects or deviations from specifications.

  • Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators

    Stationary engineers and boiler operators control stationary engines, boilers, or other mechanical equipment to provide utilities for buildings or for industrial purposes.

  • Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers

    Welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers use hand-held or remotely controlled equipment to join or cut metal parts. They also fill holes, indentations, or seams in metal products.

  • Power Plant Operators, Distributors, and Dispatchers

    Power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers control the systems that generate and distribute electric power.

  • Assemblers and Fabricators

    Assemblers and fabricators assemble finished products and the parts that go into them. They use tools, machines, and their hands to make engines, computers, aircraft, ships, boats, toys, electronic devices, control panels, and more.

  • Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

    Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers design, construct, adjust, repair, appraise and sell jewelry.

  • Dental and Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians and Medical Appliance Technicians

    Dental and ophthalmic laboratory technicians and medical appliance technicians construct, fit, or repair medical appliances and devices, including dentures, eyeglasses, and prosthetics.

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and System Operators

    Water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators manage a system of machines, often through the use of control boards, to transfer or treat water or wastewater.

  • Woodworkers

    Woodworkers manufacture a variety of products such as cabinets and furniture, using wood, veneers, and laminates. They often combine and incorporate different materials into wood.