A note from Preston Silverman, CEO and Co-Founder of RaiseMe regarding Operation Varsity Blues

This letter was sent to the RaiseMe student, parent, educator, and college administrator community on March 15, 2019.


This week’s news about the recent college admissions scandal brings to light a corrupt practice that has been taking place for far too long. If you are feeling doubtful, frustrated, or angry about this news: you are not alone. Our team at RaiseMe, educators, and network of college partners are committed to ensuring that the process for preparing for, discovering, and applying to college is more fair, empowering, and transparent for all students.


While the news may be hard to stomach, I want to share a few ways we can come together against this complex issue.


First, we must change the culture around preparing for and getting into college by focusing on helping every student to find the school that best matches their individual talents, preferences, and ambitions, and by placing less emphasis on college rankings. We are committed to helping our students discover and connect with best-fit institutions where they are most likely to thrive – whether that journey begins at a community college, a regional private institution, a highly selective liberal arts campus, or anywhere in between.


Second, in order to level the playing field for all students, we must evolve the college admissions process to make it more transparent and equitable across the board. Many colleges today offer generous institutional financial aid for motivated and qualified students. Providing earlier and clearer information about admission standards, as well as available institutional scholarships, will go a long way towards ensuring our higher ed institutions are serving deserving students, regardless of background. With the support of our college partners, we plan to continue investing in new tools and processes to make this process more transparent and equitable for our student users.


To our community of motivated, hardworking, and ambitious students: do not feel discouraged by a few bad actors. Opportunity is out there, and we are here to help.


To our community of dedicated and compassionate educators: we thank you for your guidance and mentorship. Your unwavering support for your students and care in helping them achieve their goals is vital and appreciated.


To our community of loving, caring parents and guardians: we thank you for standing by your children at every step of their development, learning, and discovery.  By supporting students on their whole journey, you are helping them succeed in ways that go far beyond their college admission.


To our community of college and university partners: we know that access to opportunity and the pursuit of knowledge are values that your institutions holds utmost, and we thank you for your partnership in empowering all students to discover and realize their college ambitions.


Collectively, our efforts will build towards the critical mission of fostering a more equitable path to and through college, and I am optimistic that together, we can secure a brighter future for students across the country.


Preston Silverman
CEO and Co-Founder, RaiseMe






Cecilia is the Communications Manager for RaiseMe.